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Do you know what a CBD crystal is?

The development of the cannabis industry means that producers are introducing new types of goods to their offer. This is also the case with our store, which offers a diverse range of CBD products. Consumers who have tested traditional hemp products like oil are open to new opportunities offered by brands. Certainly, the crystal is one of those CBD products that deserves special attention. Find out why it is worth using it and why Alba Hemp CBD crystal is the best choice.


CBD crystal, what is it.

Due to the fact that crystals are the purest form of CBD, they are often referred to as the essence of this compound. This form does not contain the psychoactive THC. As we know, cannabidiol is, next to THC, the best-studied cannabis component. Therefore, the process of isolating this substance from other compounds makes it possible to get to know its beneficial properties in detail. The process of creating crystals from Alba-Hemp consists of several stages. The initial step is CBD oil extraction. This is also the case with the production of other Cannabis Sativa L.-based products available in our store. It should be mentioned here that there are several ways to extract CBD. It is i.a. extraction with olive oil, alcohol or our CO2 extraction method. Once the oil is obtained, the process of CBD separation from other substances in the hemp plant takes place. The goal is to purify the product and form an isolate. Immediately after that, the product goes into the “wintering” phase, thanks to which you can get rid of unwanted substances, such as fats. CBD crystallization is carried out using special chromatography equipment. The final form of CBD obtained in this way is in the form of tiny crystals. Importantly, all CBD crystals available in Alba Hemp’s offer also contain other beneficial compounds called terpenes.


Advantages of using the Alba-Hemp CBD crystal:


  • easy digestibility by the body,
  • possibility of adding to edible oils or cosmetics,
  • taking pure CBD,
  • easy dosing.
  • How to use CBD crystal.

An additional advantage of our brand’s CBD crystals is that they can be used in various ways. They are odorless and tasteless. In addition to their food purpose, they can also be added to cosmetics. Below are the most popular ways to use CBD in crystal form.


Ways to use Alba-Hemp CBD Crystals:

Food additive – Due to the fact that our CBD crystals are fat-soluble, they can be used in meals using butter, cooking oils or olive oil sauces. However, they should not be heated at high temperatures.

Drinks – enriching cocktails with Alba-Hemp CBD crystals will increase their nutritional value. Adding crystals to a standard smoothie is very quick and does not affect its flavor.

Cosmetics – our CBD crystals can protect the skin. It is recommended to add them to creams and lotions based on shea butter or coconut oil. They can be successfully used in hair products.

Inhalation – this method requires appropriate equipment – a sublimator. As with any inhalation treatment, first warm up the device and then fill it with the correct amount of product. Inhalation is completely safe and can be performed even several times a day.

It is worth remembering that Alba-Hemp crystals can also be taken in the sublingual form.

If you would like to try CBD in the form of crystals now, be sure to start with the 1000mg CBD 99% Crystal, which is available in our offer. However, if you are closer to the standard form of CBD oil, check out Oil CBD Sensed with the flavor of sunny orange. Check how our hemp products can help you.