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This recipe is perfect for summer heatwaves when each of us prefers fresh vegetables or fruits. The best way to enjoy these ingredients is to transform them into refreshing summer cucumber soup.

Since most of us don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen in full sun, this recipe is not only easy but also healthy.

Alba Hemp seeds contain a high content of Omega6 and Omega3 fatty acids, as well as protein and fiber, supporting the functioning of the digestive system.


• 6 ground cucumbers

• 1 clove of garlic

• 400 ml of Kefir or natural yoghurt

• 2 tablespoons of chopped dill

• 3 tablespoons of Alba Hemp shelled hemp seeds

• Sea salt, freshly ground pepper to taste


Peel the cucumbers and grate them.

Combine with kefir, add squeezed garlic, salt and pepper to taste.

Thoroughly mix everything into bowls.

When serving, sprinkle with dill and Alba Hemp shelled seeds.

Enjoy your meal !